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  1. we are Renovating the server please read news announcement.
  2. hello the server is not Open at this time. The server will ReOpen on April 1.
  3. Good Day Everyone, Important notice to the old players. For All old player the server will wipe all Base/Job Level in the server. It means all will be back to Novice when you enter in the server.|
  4. CALLING ALL PLAYERS Server Renovation is almost done big changes on all quest, items. if you are the one who waiting in the Re-Opening Please advice your friends to join in Re-Opening Day so you can get a big reward worth of donation items in the server ^_^? make sure you invite more and new in the server so we can give you extra bonus for you and to your invited player. See you soon!!!
  5. [SERVER CHANGES] [Notice for disclaimer] The major changes of our server is base on our Idea but the npc/maps is from other server if you don't like the setup of our server you are free to leave the server. there is many Ragnarok Server in the world so we don't need your comments. We are trying to put our own Mechanics in the server to make unique system. Respect what we implement in our server, you are free to give suggestions on the right place in this forum if you can we appreciate your suggestions. Thank you. [CHANGES] - New Main Map [Prontera City] - Item Database: Base on Renewal - Easy Farming Area to get Headgears. - New Freebies Sets. [SERVER INFORMATION] - PRE-RENEWAL SERVER: START EPISODE 15 - Base/Job Level: 255/120 -
  6. Good Day Everyone, We have a big server changes on game Play, Hunting Area, and many more. Don't think about the server will be wipe. all your account is save and backup. We just need to change the server mechanics, rates, adjustment of skills, events and daily reward. START RENOVATION: DATE: March 03 2020 until April 1. NO WIPE OUT. We Will Back Soon.... Just Keep Subscribing our Post on Page.
  7. the developer of our Map is Busy at this time because of her health problem maybe soon I will request to add swimming pool area ahahaha in that area we will make Pub and Vending Area.
  8. To express our appreciation for your continued support in Serene Ragnarok Online, We are giving extra Donation Tickets and Cash Points for your generosity. Your support means so much to us and the community, THANK YOU for your unwavering patronage! . DONATION PROMO: +50% More on any amount of Donations. 10$ USD / 500 PHP DONATION 10x Donation Ticket + 50% 200 Cash Points + 50% 20$ USD / 1000 PHP DONATION 20x Donation Ticket + 50% 400 Cash Points + 50% 50$ USD / 2500 PHP DONATION 50x Donation Ticket + 50% 1000 Cash Points + 50% 100$ USD / 5000 PHP DONATION 100x Donation Ticket + 50% 2000 Cash Points + 50% ======================================================== SPECIAL GIFT PACK For Every 20$ you receive Special Gift Pack 20x Enchant Stones Box | 250x Bloody Branch 2x +7 Weapon Refine Deeds 20pcs Lottie Ticket. ======================================================== As we celebrate our 2nd Month, We will be giving a Limited Animated Costume for this Promo! Every total of $50 you donated while the Promo is active. You will receive one of the following: (your choice) DONATION RATE 1x Donation Ticket = 1$usd / 50php. For Every 5$ / 250php you will receive 100 Cash Points. DONATION METHOD PAYPAL BANK TRANSFER REMITTANCE FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT [GM] PAYAPA™
  9. COSTUME SYSTEM ENCHANTER NPC Location: serene_city 131,220 Enchant Stones Source: You will get Enchant Stone on World Boss. Visit The Link Below.
  10. SERVER CHANGE LOGS [UPDATES] - US Proxy Fixed and Working. - World Boss Time Change. - Dummy Fixed. - Devil Square Updated. - Bowling Bash Skill [Changes: Remove Knock Back on PVP Room]. - Gramps [Detale MVP Boss on Gramps Dungeon]. RANDOM OF TIME SPAWN. - Gramps Shop Items is Available to Trade. [NEW] - Costume Enchanter | Location: serene_city 130 220 [INSTANCE UPDATE] Instance Cool down is implemented on the server you can reset and check your instance time and also you can reset your Instance Timer using Credits. - NPC Location: Serene_City 214,200 - Endless Tower | Implemented. - Nidhogg Nest | Not Implemented. Costume Enchant System NPC Location: serene_city 130 220 How you can get Enchant Stone's? Enchant Stones will get only on World Boss every 3:00 PM | 7:00 PM | 10:15 PM
  11. this will be soon to implement after the gramps system is fixed. we try to fixed all area balancing items and game playing each side. the prontera and aldebaran will be 2nd Job WOE Area and Payon and Geffen will be the 3rd job WOE Area. and for WOE SE it is only for 2nd Jow AREA. our major Job is 2nd Job, so don't be mad for this. Vengeance GM Team will work on SERENE-RO soon..
  12. RAGNAROK UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND - this event is like PUBG mobile. - this is a Gunslinger Battle. SOON TO IMPLEMENT...
  13. Match Making Rating PVP System this pvp will be soon to update. on pvp room MMR SYSTEM this is like the Mobile Game that you are playing before. SOON TO IMPLEMENT..
  14. This system is not yet finish so there is a progress update. GRAMPS INFORMATION
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