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- US Proxy Fixed and Working.
- World Boss Time Change.
- Dummy Fixed.
- Devil Square Updated.
- Bowling Bash Skill [Changes: Remove Knock Back on PVP Room].
- Gramps [Detale MVP Boss on Gramps Dungeon]. RANDOM OF TIME SPAWN.
- Gramps Shop Items is Available to Trade.

Costume Enchanter | Location: serene_city 130 220

Instance Cool down is implemented on the server you can reset and check your instance  time and also you can reset your Instance Timer using Credits. 
- NPC Location: Serene_City 214,200
- Endless Tower | Implemented.
- Nidhogg Nest | Not Implemented.

Costume Enchant System

image.png.21bb90ab5676b4ebdb14c12d21a33b47.png   image.png.cee8527d421f09798f323c230424dd35.png 

NPC Location: serene_city 130 220
How you can get Enchant Stone's?
Enchant Stones will get only on World Boss every 3:00 PM | 7:00 PM | 10:15 PM


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